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Spelling Bee is a word puzzle featured in The New York Times where players aim to create valid English words using a specific set of letters, including one designated as the center letter. The puzzle offers a range of word lengths, from 4 to 7 letters, and players strive to create as many words as possible. Longer words typically yield higher points, but shorter words are essential to meet the minimum word count. A strategic approach involves starting with words that include the center letter, exploring prefixes and suffixes, and considering anagram solvers when needed. Spelling Bee challenges players' vocabulary and word formation skills, making it a rewarding and engaging word puzzle.

NYT April 2024 Spelling Bee

NYT March 2024 Spelling Bee

NYT February 2024 Spelling Bee

NYT January 2024 Spelling Bee

NYT December 2023 Spelling Bee

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Tips for solving NYT Spelling Bee

Solving The New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle is a rewarding exercise in vocabulary and wordplay. With practice and a systematic approach, you can improve your skills and maximize your word count in each puzzle.

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